Giant vs. patriots

The big game just a few days away and we are all thinking about the half-time and final score and which square on the Superbowl Square betting grid we will put our name.  Are you more excited to watch the game, commercials, or eat the yummy foods?  Even though I enjoy a good game and super funny commercials, I can only help you with you to enjoy snack through game day without putting your waistline in jeopardy.  Have you started to think about what you will be serving your company or bringing to your Superbowl party?  Most game day menus contain rich foods and a lot of calories so our goal would be to find healthier alternatives to your favorite foods.

Did you know…it is estimated that on Super Bowl Sunday, the average fan will consume around 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat just from snacks!  OMG, right!?!!!

So lets come up with a game plan… Kick off your game day party with a fresh vegetables tray and low-fat dip, fruit kabobs, whole-grain breads and a variety of lean meats for sandwiches and even baked chips with a wonderful bean dip (like hummus).

During the second half, snack on air popped or 94% fat free popcorn (feel free to flavor it with a delicious Kernel Seasonings popcorn flavors my favorite is kettle corn) , pretzels with mustard dip, baked tortilla chips and salsa, apple slices and low-fat caramel dip.

For your Post-game show, offer your guests fruit parfaits or angel food cake with chocolate sauce and fresh berries. Now, if this sounds to far from your normal football gathering and you are wondering where the wings are, have no fear…if wings at your party are a must, try purchasing wings without breading and bake them, don’t fry.

Here are some tips for enjoying the game without fumblingyour diet:

  • Have a small snack before going to or hosting a party and DO NOT starve yourself the day of the party!!! Going out hungry often results in overeating.
  • Use a plate for even the smallest snack. You’ll eat less.
  • Moderate your alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes blood sugar to drop, which leads to hunger.  To help you with alcoholic (aka-empty calories, try drinking a bottle of water between each alcoholic beverage)
  • Exercise sunday morning!  This way you will start the game in a calorie deficit.

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