Self-Improvement-Because You’re Worth It!

For most of us, we may have one or even a few changes we have tried to make in the past month, year or however long it’s been.  For the next month try and focus on improving your health through your mind and body.  This means eating healthy, incorporating physical activity into your regular schedule and taking time to relax and clear your mind.  No you don’t have to train for a marathon or rid yourself of your favorite treats.  Instead, make a small goal for each day of the month. For example, one day aim to eat three servings of fruit and one serving of vegetables and cut your dessert portion in half.  The next day aim to be physically active for at least thirty minutes out of the day.  Keep working at small goals each day and soon it will become a part of your lifestyle.  If you go a day without fruit, you’ll say “I need my fruit today” and these small changes will add up to one big change.  So what’s the result of these changes?  You will feel better about yourself!  Studies have shown that eating healthy, nutritious foods and getting regular exercise improves your attitude, your health and your body!  So why not try to improve your lifestyle?

But what if you already eat healthy and exercise regularly?  You can still set small goals for each day and improve your strength and endurance or increase your consumption of healthy foods.  For example, one day aim to do your regular workout but add an extra ten or fifteen minutes to the routine.  The next day aim to try a totally new workout.  If you’ve never tried biking or yoga this is your month to do it!  Trying new activities can be fun and you may end up loving it enough to do it regularly.

Improving your physical health and can sharpen your mind, making you more alert.  It can also help relieve stress and make you feel better all over, including increasing self-esteem!  So this month, dedicate each day to one small goal and before you know it, you’ll have made an entire lifestyle change.


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