how do you convince someone that it is not to expensive to eat healthy?

First and foremost, the person has to be ready to make a lifestyle change!  To just convince them that they should eat healthy and change their lifestyle is not going to work.  They need to be ready to make the change.  I see this in my practice a lot…someone will come to see me because someone told them to but the weren’t ready.  So I will meet with them, give them the materials needed to change their lifestyle but NO change (they do not follow the plan or suggestions).  Often they will come back and see me 6-12 months later (now ready for change) and release 20-50 pounds in 4-6 months time.  Readiness can happen for many reasons, it may be that they are just fed up with how they look/feel or it could come from a scare at the doctor’s office.  Whatever the reason, when someone is ready…changes can happen!

But to answer your question…EDUCATION is the best way to explain to someone how to eat healthy on a budget!


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